Welcome to  The Summer of Boycott, your rallying point to stand united in the face of the Oakland A’s potential move to Las Vegas. Founded by two groups of lifelong A’s fans (The Last Dive Bar & The Oakland 68s), our mission is rooted in the love for our city and the game that has long been part of our community’s fabric.
John Fisher’s proposal to relocate our beloved team threatens more than just our city’s sporting landscape; it risks severing a cultural and community bond that generations of Oakland residents have cherished. In response, we’ve created Summerofboycott.com as a platform to channel our collective frustration into positive action.
Here, we’re not just boycotting A’s games; we’re creating a movement. Summerofboycott.com serves as a hub for fans to discover alternative events and gatherings across Oakland, the East Bay and Northern California celebrating our community’s spirit and resilience. From local baseball games and community events to Soccer games, watch parities,  and other events, we offer a myriad of ways to enjoy our city together.
Our boycott is more than a protest against a move; it’s a stand for the soul of Oakland. It’s a declaration that our community deserves consideration, respect, and loyalty from its institutions.
Billionaire owners like John Fisher must recognize that sports teams are more than assets to be moved in pursuit of profit—they’re integral parts of communities that have supported them through thick and thin.
Join us in making the summer of boycott a powerful statement of unity, love, and unwavering commitment to our city and its heritage. Together, we can show the world what Oakland is truly made of.

Why Boycott?

The decision to boycott stems from our deep-seated belief that as fans and community members, our voices matter. By choosing alternative ways to spend our time and money, we’re sending a clear message against the commercialization and uprooting of our beloved team. This is our stand for community values, local pride, and the tradition of baseball in Oakland.

Get Involved

Whether you’re an A’s fan feeling betrayed, a resident concerned about the impact of the move, or simply someone who loves Oakland, your voice and your presence matter. Explore our site to find out how you can be part of this summer’s events and actions. Share your ideas, spread the word, and let’s make this summer a turning point in our community’s story.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can make a difference. Welcome to the Summer of Boycott.

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